A Whining Republicans Reading List

A Whining Republicans Reading List

By Alex Constantine

• Study: Whiny Kids Become Republicans

• Blogs about: Whiny Republicans

• Conservatives Whine that Obama's Afghanistan Coverage is 'Unfair'

• The Republicans: The Party of Whine and Cheese

• The Whiny Republican Support Group

• God, These Republicans Have Become Whiny Little Bitches

• Frank Luntz calls Republican leadership in Washington 'One giant whining windbag'

• Republicans can quit whining about the YouTube debate

• Republicans Whine Over Oprah Winfrey's Sarah Palin Snub

• Republicans Whine About Legality of New Obama Logo. Their Use of Similar Logos Doesn't Bother Them

• News Floozy: Whining Republicans, Winer, Where's Doc?, Hang 'Em High

• Is it just me or do Republicans whine a lot?

• Nobody CARES what Republicans whine about anymore

• Republican to Whine From Remote Locations Jan. 20th

* Republican whining is best described by Alan Simpson on Tweety's show

• OT - SCOTUS rejects Republican whining over Ohio ACORN - alt.tv

• Have GOP bloggers stopped whining yet?

• What A Surprise: More Kentucky Republican Whining

• Today's Republican Whining Point

• Some National Republicans should stop whining

• Whining University Of Virginia Young Republicans

• Ut-oh Republicans are whining. Barack said lipstick

• Steve Kubby: Placer County Republicans whine over Kubby Vindication

• Barney Frank: "Mr. Speaker - does [Republican] whining come out of my time?"


• Quiet Flows the Don- Volume Two:. Republican whining

• Republican Whining — Blogs, Pictures, and more on WordPress

• Whiny Republicans and Their Fantasies of Martyrdom

• Beware the Whining Republicans of Weimar

• Whining Republicans Out Fund-Raised By 527 Orgs, are Using their Old Barb-- Emotional Instability Accusations

• Republicans Whine about the SCHIP Vote

• Republicans In DC Need To Stop Whining

• Sick & Tired Of Republican Whining

• GOP should stop whining get in touch with "real America"

• Why Do College Republicans Whine So Much?

• Republicans Whining in Their Nooses

• Re: Right on cue, Republican whining commences on '100 years' ad

• Let the Conservative Whining Begin

• Political Radar: Thompson to Romney Camp: 'Quit Whining'

• PATHETIC Republicans Whining About FREAKIN’ ABORTION While America Burns!

• Instead of Whining, Republicans Really Should Thank Powell

• C&L Video: Tim Ryan on Republican whining about spending

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