SPOOKS at Mt. Holyoke College

Teddy K almost died in plane crash in Holyoke, MA in 1970s ... http://p216.ezboard.com/frigorousintuitionfrm13.showMessage?topicID=142.topic Holyoke's "Un

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Volkswagen and the Nazis

"... In 1937, the Nazi Party, allied with auto engineer and Beetle designer Ferdinand Porsche, formed the state-owned Volkswagen company. A year later, Hitler p

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More Audi Nazi Secrets Revealed

Family Secrets: Audi’s Nazi History
Audi has looked into its predeccesors' Nazi affiliations, and the results are fairly damning
By Rhuaridh Marr

Volkswagen, Fascism, Death & Profits

Also see: "Multinationals Implicated in Deaths Brazil's Dictatorship," Brazzil, May 26, 2005: "... Auto companies, including General Motors, Chrysler and Vol

Slave Probe Exposes Audi's Nazi past

UPDATE: German car manufacturer Audi released a study on Monday detailing its massive exploitation of forced labour under the Nazis while part of the now-extinc

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