Dallas Progressives Stand Up to Fascism

Dallas Progressives Stand Up to Fascism

Dallas: We are not afraid to stand up to fascism

Liberation, Dec 13, 2015

On Dec. 12 in Dallas there were two counter-protests against the Islamophobic right wing. One was against “B.A.I.R.” (“Bureau of American Islamic Relations”), which held an armed protest at the Islamic Association of North Texas in Richardson. The other was against the Texas Rebel Knights, a branch of the Ku Klux Klan that planned to protest the Islamic Center of North Texas in Irving.

The resounding show of solidarity for the mosque in Irving in the weeks prior to the KKK’s appearance led to the rescheduling of the Rebel Knights’ protest, while the armed rally by B.A.I.R. in Richardson was met with more than double their numbers by the counter-protesters who appeared in solidarity with the North Texas Muslim community. The cancellation of the KKK’s appearance meant the movement of the anti-fascist rally to the MLK Community Center near downtown Dallas, a location with more visibility.

The overwhelming support shown by the people of North Texas for the Islamic community against the extreme, xenophobic right wing ideologies of B.A.I.R. and the Texas Rebel Knights sends a clear message that even among a hotbed of reactionary conservatism, people will not stand by and allow fascism to arise unchallenged.

The people of the Dallas area have increased their level of organization to push back divisive hateful terrorists’ tactics. The resounding message

...We invite all the people to stand with us….unity with the community….power to the people. See the video below by Liberation News of  Rev. Dr. Michael Waters of Joy Tabernacle AME Church (in long robe) and Eric Folkerth of Northaven church (in stole) at the demonstration....

As the ruling class foments fascist candidates and violence through the 2016 election campaign, people in places like Dallas are showing that those who have been disenfranchised by this horrible profit system must come together in unity and to stand up to fascism. All people of conscience need to unite to push back the emerging fascist movement in the U.S. that is using places like Dallas as testing ground to promote their ideology. The participants’ lack of fear in the face of fascist elements who are supported in many ways by candidates running for president is sending a message nationwide–if we can push back the fascists here and fight for unity we can win back the country.

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