Don’t Downplay Vietnam Atrocities (Letter to the Pueblo Chieftain)

Don’t Downplay Vietnam Atrocities (Letter to the Pueblo Chieftain)

Letter to the Pueblo Chieftain, December 9, 2012

The Vietnam war was filled with hundreds of atrocities. Two that stand out are the My Lai incident and the Tiger Force story. In the My Lai massacre, more than 400 mostly women, children, infants and elderly were killed. Women were raped, mutilated and killed. William Calley, platoon leader, was convicted of killing 20 villagers himself and given a life sentence, but he only served 3 years under house arrest.

Tiger Force, an elite unit of the 101st Airborne Division, killed unarmed civilians during a seven-month rampage. William Doyle, former Tiger Force sergeant, said he he killed so many civilians he lost count. Soldiers told of severing ears from the dead, stringing them on shoe laces and wearing them around their neck.

Seems to me, Mr. Bendell, you left out the best part. Besides the aches and pains, and obvious memory loss from your two falls, I'm wondering why you didn't mention the two dislocated shoulders you suffered from patting yourself on the back.

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The My Kai commander was prosecuted.
Stop ass licking communists.
It’s so sad watching decent even great men suffer from Stockholm syndrome repeating the Stalinist version of history.
John Kerry was then and is now a traitor.

The Americans in Vietnam were trying to do the same precise thing we did in Korea and pretty much succeeded until the Democrats gave back a hard fought expensive victory not unlike Obama and the Dems just did in Iraq.
Treason seems to flow through their veins.


*My Lai commander