Florida TEA Official Likens Rival Tea Party to ‘Nazis Disguised as Americans’

Florida TEA Official Likens Rival Tea Party to ‘Nazis Disguised as Americans’

Tea Party "Patriots" have convinced themselves that the US Constitution is a fascist document, but are themselves given to decrying all oppostion as "Nazi" or, interchangably, "Socialist." They are obviously a very confused group of Good Germans  ...

...Doug Guetzloe and Fred O'Neal have NEVER had anything to do with the tea party movement. I am one of the original founders going back to February '09 and the chairman of both the South Florida Tea Party, Florida Tea Party and state coordinator for Tea Party Patriots, said Wilkinson, who is based in Palm Beach Gardens....

...This fight is not over a name, but rather the hijacking of our movement. It is similar to when the Nazis disguised as Americans tried to break our lines in World War II. They formed the fake political tea party without our consent or input. Not one of the over-85 tea party groups in Florida is or has ever been associated with them....

Wilkinson, who accompanied Bill McCollum last Friday during the attorney general's filing for the GOP gubernatorial primary, has put up a Web site to combat the TEA Party.

Further blurring the nomenclature of the rival "tea" groups, Wilkinson added, "The official state Web site for the tea party movement is FloridaTeaParty.com."


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