German Holocaust Film Boycotted Because it’s ‘Too Gruesome’

German Holocaust Film Boycotted Because it’s ‘Too Gruesome’

Uwe Boll

A clip of Uwe Boll's film [Warning: This video contains shocking images] entitled Auschwitz is already on the internet, showing disturbing images of naked victims dying in gas chambers.

Mr Boll, a filmmaker who has made it his life's work to shock, said he wanted to present to the world "a movie about the Holocaust that tells it like it really was".

Tom Goldman, from videogame magazine the Escapist, said the film was "disturbing and gruesome and likely to push moviegoers over the edge".

...The words Auschwitz and Uwe Boll in one breath rightly leads one to fear the worst. This film provokes outrage, confusion and panic, added Sophie Albers in Stern magazine....

Boll, 45, insists that his Auschwitz film is serious and not just violence for its own sake.

...For too long audiences have been softened by special story films about the Holocaust like Schindler's List and Life is Beautiful. It wasn't like that. It was hell and that's what I show, he said....

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Lyle Courtsal
Thank you Uwe Boll for showing the truth. Now with the new nazism, people just slowing die way before their time in senior housing without enough assistance because we have so many reasons for forgetting about the well-being of the elderly these days. Again, National Nurses United/California Nurses Assn. say,”Budget Cuts Kill”. And believe me, I know they do in so many ways, but slowly and they die voiceless, without help or company, alone. This is the stuff of nightmares for me, but the luciferic occultists are just following the instructions of their spiritual leader, lucifer. Remember the Newt cutting… Read more »
Lyle Courtsal

Think how it must have been for the survivors who had been steeped in depravity, slowly starving, working to death in a camp full of horrors. Today for millions left behind suffering, starving under austerity forgotten by their leaders, it is the same thing once again. Though there are no fences, no guards, no dogs, there is still all that random violence and unpredictable horrors that just kind of come along and devastate a person once again. The only legitimacy comes as a child soldier supporting whomever the local warlord is at the time.