Glenn Beck: “Slavery was a Liberal Cause”

Glenn Beck: "Slavery was a Liberal Cause"

By Lisa RichardsonL.A. TimesOctober 21, 2009... The Huffington Post has a video of Beck that's really worth viewing. In it he pontificates that progressives used to be called "tyrants," or "slave-owners -- people who encouraged you to become dependent on them." ...... Conservatives, of course, were slave-owners and liberals were not. Conservatives in the 19th century believed in the tyranny of state government and liberals did not. Everyone with a shred of understanding about American history knows that. We had a whole war over it.But since Beck is probably not genuinely stupid, I'm going to say he's tapping into a sentiment that is very much alive in Confederate USA. Many southern conservatives (AKA the Republican base) still argue that the federal government had no right to restrict the tyranny of slave-owners. For it to do so was, well, tyrannical. As were later federal restrictions on state restrictions regarding segregation in schools, housing, public education, etc... Tyranny, tyranny, tyranny, tyranny! ...

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Lyle Courtsal

Conservatives enslaved and lynched their way across south; republicrats just along for free labor ride. people like Johnson who provoked war in vietnam will falisfied gulf of tonkin 2 incident; funny no one mentions massive shelling of vietnamese coastline; gulf full of oil rigs; reported to me by veterans.