Jesse James' Stepmom: He Obsessed over Hitler, Killed Baby Animals

Jesse James' Stepmom: He Obsessed over Hitler, Killed Baby Animals

After Jesse James suggested his cheating ways could be traced back to his childhood abuse at the hands of his dad during his Nightline interview, dad Larry said he was lying. Now Jesse's former stepmom, Janina James Coan, is coming forward with tales of Jesse as a young monster who tortured animals, obsessed over Hitler and hurled the n-word.

"Jesse found it fascinating that Hitler could seduce a whole country," Janina told "Then he became obsessed with Hitler's personality and the SS and he was fascinated with the Nazis. He definitely has an attraction with the power race thing."

According to Janina, Jesse's Nazi obsession extended to a fascination with Josef Mengele, a concentration camp 'Angel of Death' who would perform unimaginable experiments on captives.

...When Jesse was about 14 or 15 years old he started killing baby rats by injecting them with alcohol, she said. "He told me it's what Dr. Mengele would do." ......

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Story is BS> First off, it’s Janine , not Janina. Second, its not his stepmother but his ex wife. And thirdly, she is still in the porno business and has been for about 14 years. At least as far back as 98. Most girls lose it so bad by about 4-5 years, no matter how much they make they have to quite or they will die. Once in a while there’s an exception, but of those who lasted 15-20 yrs, very few are close to being sane/. I wouldn;t take the word of this woman of the reporter if he… Read more »