Look It Up: Nazis weren’t Gun-Grabbers

Look It Up: Nazis weren't Gun-Grabbers

The Nazis did not enact any new gun-control measures until 1938, five years after Hitler came to power, and those were aimed specifically at the Jews.

The gun restrictions Mr. Smart refers to were actually enacted by the Weimar Republic. In 1919, Germany was in a state of anarchy, economic chaos, and revolution. Armed militias of all political factions engaged in street battles, and fear of Bolshevism was rampant.

The 1919 Regulation of the Council of the People's Delegates on Weapons Possession banned the civilian possession of all firearms and ammunition, and demanded their surrender "immediately." Provisions were made for gun ownership by people of "undoubted reliability" who demonstrated a "need" for a gun. ...

Our country's irrational and illogical obsession with guns has enabled the National Rifle Association to become the de facto fourth branch of our government.

There are infringements and abridgements of our "freedoms" made in the causes of public safety, decency, and common sense. If you don't believe this, indulge in child pornography, yell "fire" in a crowd for the purpose of inciting a panic, walk naked around your neighborhood, take a 10-year-old to an R-rated movie, use certain profanities in public, text-message while driving, smoke in a restaurant, or ride a motorcycle without a helmet.

What makes the Second Amendment so sacrosanct?

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Certainly is interesting to hear a different take on things………..thanks for posting this Alex. =)

Just for the record;I am oppossed to bankers and corporate ceo’s owning firearms to ! The private property rights fanatics frighten me as much or more, than the gun rights fanatics.No group of people is more to blame for our loss of liberties than the large private landowners who seem to relish hanging NO Tresspassing sighns on every other tree,even in the middle of nowhere.”He who owns the land owns life”.The fascists new this well,which is why,above all else they endorsed private property rights.Ultimately, fascism can be definend or at least described as cordinated attempt to preserve and expand the… Read more »