Mexican Farmers Take on Monsanto

Mexican Farmers Take on Monsanto

TAKE ACTION: Mexican Farmers Take On Monsanto

Goals: Support the efforts of small farmers in Mexico working against a law that would undermine farmers’ rights, and tell the Mexican Government to resist industry-friendly legislation in the future.

A contingent of farmers in Mexico is taking on agri-business corporations, like the infamous Monsanto, that are trying to monopolize seed and food patents through the passing of legislation. In the ongoing battle between small farmers and agricultural monopolies, round one belongs to the little guy. ...

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Lyle Courtsal
Dear me, here they come again. Notice the death clown in the parade. There is no substitute for a truly healthy agriculture and the battles between the big corporate agribusiness guys and the real farmers out there have never been fiercer. I got an insight into what happens agriculturally when we interact with the natural world, rather than deeply hybridize to serve short-term greed-motivated purposes from the website I am a lot different than a lot of farmers but I do know that the science of integrated pest management is real and useful. However when an agriculture and a… Read more »