Monsanto & Blackwater: ‘Death-Tech Firm Weds Hit Squad’

Monsanto & Blackwater: ‘Death-Tech Firm Weds Hit Squad’

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...Monsanto turns to Blackwater for increased security, intelligence and ‘infiltrate activist groups’...

Media have exposed a link between GMO crop producer Monsanto and Blackwater, a US private military company that has been contracted to spy on the corporation’s many adversaries among anti-genetic foods activists.

Blackwater is the largest of the US State Department's three private security contractors. It came under fire in 2007 over the Iraqi Nisour Square Massacre, the single bloodiest incident involving American private security contractors, who shot at Iraqi civilians killing 17 and injuring 20 in Baghdad.

Now Blackwater has reportedly been tasked by Monsanto to collect intelligence on activists rallying against genetically modified crops and other Monsanto activities, in what one American blogger called “a death-tech firm weds a hit squad.”

Cooperation was negotiated through the firm’s two agencies, Total Intelligence Solutions and the Terrorism Research Centre (TRC), owned by Blackwater co-founder Erik Prince. Mr. Prince is officially employed as the chairman of both these companies in their internal documents, which is a sign of their functioning as one highly-attuned web.

A Monsanto spokesperson has confirmed the connection, saying the corporation had hired Total Intelligence to keep an eye on activities that could present a risk to its personnel or activities globally. Backwater subsidiaries, he said, are monitoring local media reports and scanning the content of activists’ blogs and websites.

According to leaked reports, Monsanto also agreed to pay some $500,000 to infiltrate anti-Monsanto groups, meaning the chemical company turned food producer is deadly serious about securing its produce.

Voice of Russia, News 24

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