See: "McCain's Fannie Mae/CSC Connection"

From: Are They Kidding?

NY Daily News

September 18, 2008

... Here is a list of McCain advisers and fundraisers who made millions lobbying for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and various other institutions that opposed strong oversight:

Rick Davis, Campaign Manager, led the Homeownership Alliance that fought for Fannie, Freddie and others.

Charlie Black, a top adviser, earned huge sums lobbying Fannie and Freddie.

Fred Malek, a national finance co-chair, is a former Freddie board member.

Wayne Berman – National Finance Co-Chairman [Also, a core member of the Federalist Group lobbying firm and a lobbyist for ChevronTexaco.]

Kirk Blalock - fundraiser

Kirsten Chadwick – fundraiser

Arthur Culvahouse – Headed the veep hunt

John Green – Congressional liaison

Richard Hohlt – fundraiser

Aleix Jarvis – fundraiser

Mike Kennedy – fundraiser

Alison McSlarrow – Women for McCain Steering committee

Aquiles Suarez – Economic adviser

Wayne Berman – National Finance Co-Chairman

Carlos Bonilla – economic adviser

David Crane – senior policy adviser

Melissa Edwards – fundraiser

Juleanna Glover Weiss – fundraiser

John Green – Congressional liaison

Susan Molinari – Women for McCain Steering committee

Don Sundquist – Tennessee State co-chair