By Matthew Reichbach (Excerpt) | Washington Examiner | May 28, 2010

Bob J. Perry, the Texas developer behind the anti-John Kerry Swift Boat Veterans for Truth 527 group gave $450,000 to the gubernatorial campaign of Susana Martinez and airline service company owner Allen Weh loaned his campaign another $600,000. Those are the highlights of the most recent campaign finance reports, available now on the Secretary of State’s website.

Perry and his wife’s donation of $450,000 is nearly two-thirds of Martinez’s $720,000 haul in the three-week fundraising period that ran from May 4-25. Martinez is in a tight race with former Republican Party chairman Allen Weh, who lent another $600,000 to his campaign recently. That makes a total of $1.6 million he’s lent himself.

As The Independent wrote last year, Perry has put hundreds of thousands of dollars into New Mexico politics. The Institute on Money in State Politics has documented Perry’s financial involvement over the last three cycles (more under the name Robert Perry.) ...