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Dead: Afghans are tied to a post in one of the many images published by Rolling Stone from the 'Kill Team'

A SHOCKING video emerged yesterday of US troops cheering wildly as innocent people were blown up by air strikes in Afghanistan.

It came as horrific new details were revealed of how US soldiers formed a death squad to randomly murder Afghan civilians and mutilate their corpses.

An investigation by US magazine Rolling Stone claimed senior officers failed to stop troops killing Afghans and keeping their body parts as trophies.

In one horrific incident a dead Afghan boy’s finger is said to have been chopped off and used as gambling chip in a game of cards.  The damning dossier is likely to pile further pressure on the US Army.

Last week one of the soldiers was jailed for 24 years.  Cpl Jeremy Morlock, 23, admitted executing three unarmed Afghan civilians in 2010. He told judges: “The plan was to kill people.” Four other soldiers still face trial.

New Video Emerges of US Troops Cheering Wildly as Innocent Afghan Civilians are Blown Up

Horror: A released video shows an incident in which two Afghans on a motorcycle are gunned down