Occupy Tampa: Shut Down Bain Capital

Occupy Tampa: Shut Down Bain Capital

Bain Capital represents the epitome of crony capitalism and the corrupting influence of money in politics. Romney worked with Salvadoran oligarchs to initially fund the corporation. These same oligarchs financed right-wing death squads that killed over 35,000 Salvadorans, and politically supported the military dictatorships there. This resulted in the death of over 75,000 people.

The company was profitable and competitive, but Bain Capital decided to move the plant to China and lay-off all the American workers. To add insult to injury, Bain Capital then brought over Chinese workers and made the soon-to-be-laid-off American workers train their replacements. The American workers had to watch people dismantle their factory and ship it, piece by piece, to China.

Bain Capital bought HCA (Hospital Corporation of America) after HCA settled with various government agencies for over $2 billion dollars due to a massive medicare fraud settlements.

HCA seems to have not changed its ways. Recently, whistleblowers have revealed that, under pressure for profits and high returns on investment, HCA doctors misdiagnosed heart conditions and performed unnecessary heart surgeries in order to drive up business at several of its hospitals. After the whistleblowers exposed these dangerous and unnecessary surgeries, HCA fired them.

Earlier this year a Bain Capital subsidiary, OSI (Carabba’s, Outback Steakhouse, Bonefish Grill, Flemmings, and Roy’s), tried to push a bill through the Florida Legislature that would cut server’s pay in half from $4.65 an hour to $2.13 an hour. Bloomin’ Brands (formerly OSI) made millions this year after a successful IPO on the New York Stock Exchange, all the while advocating to reduce worker’s pay.

In 2010, the DeepHorizon oil rig spilled oil over the entire Gulf Coast. Fish, birds, and other dead animals started washing up on shore. BP had hired Bain Capital to give financial advice on how to cut costs and raise profits. Bain advised BP to make major cuts in safety-related expenses. Regulators cited these very cost-cutting measures as the main cause of the disaster.

Mitt Romney co-founded, served as CEO, and continues to own a major stake in Bain Capital. With the corrupting influence of money in politics, does it really surprise anyone that Romney is running for President?

We will peacefully protest Bain Capital on August 30th which is the day that Mitt Romney will give his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL. We will use this opportunity to protest and raise awareness about Bain Capital’s business practices. Hopefully this will pressure Bain Capital to behave ethically.

This statement reached consensus by the Occupy Tampa General Assembly on 8/17/2012.

Outback Steakhouse

Carrabba’s Italian Grill

Bonefish Grill

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar

Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine

Burlington Coat Factory

Clear Channel Communications

Dunkin’ Donuts

Baskin Robbins

Gymboree Hospital Corporation of America

Michael’s Craft Store

The Princeton Review

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Lyle Courtsal
And don’t forget the $6.5 mil. in laundered cocaine revenues thru MIami Six families; these people funded the hit on Archbishop Oscar Romero and also killed off tens of thousands of others because they weren’t nazis. That was also the motivation behind the fascist domestic drug war in the US; take out useless eaters who wouldn’t accept dictatorship in US and it’s sphere of influence. This is the new nazi slow and fast mass murder of everyone who is not a nazi just like in WW II and people in mainstream US culture ignored most all of it for years… Read more »