Operation Condor

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Wikipedia: Operation Condor

Washington Post: An Assassination, A Failure to Act, A Painful Parallel (2002)

Logos Journal: The Undead Ghost of Operation Condor (2005)

The Nation: Pulling Back the Veil on Condor (2000)

Human Rights in Latin America: Operation Condor: Clandestine Inter-American System (1999)

BBC: Condor legacy haunts South America (2005)

L'Humanite: Latin America in the 1970s: "Operation Condor" (2007)

Operation Condor Timeline

1973: Fall of Allende, rise of Pinochet in Chile

1974: Chilean intelligence service DINA created; General Carlos Prats murdered in Buenos Aires

1975: Santiago meeting to create "Operation Condor"; Leighton assassination attempt

1976: Letelier & Moffitt murdered in U.S.; Videla Junta takes power; Ruiz, Michelini, & Torres murdered

1978: Peru joins Operation Condor

1980: Final Condor operation with Argentinian agents in Peru

1999: Clinton administration declassifies U.S. documents relating to Chile and Condor

2001: General Prats Trial in Argentina

2004: Chilean court revokes Pinochet's immunity from prosecution for Operation Condor crimes

2006: Death of Pinochet and Stroessner

Operation Condor Major Actions

Nunca Mas: Report from Argentinian National Commission on the Disappearance of Persons (1984)

Memoria y Justicia: The Carlos Prats Case

National Security Archives: The Letelier-Moffitt Assassination 30 Years Later

The Nation: An Exiled Son of Santiago (2005)

Wikipedia: Bernardo Leighton case

IPN: Uruguay-Argentina: Hunting the Condor, 28 Years On (2004)

Impunidad: Zelmar Michelini & Héctor Gutiérrez (2004)

National Security Archives: Ed Koch Threatened with Assassination in 1976

Operation Condor Major Historical Figures & Organizations


Human Rights Watch: Argentina: Operation Condor

The Vanished Gallery

Wikipedia: Military Junta

Wikipedia: Secretaría de Inteligencia (SIDE)

Wikipedia: Intelligence Battalion 601

Wikipedia: Ejercito Revolucionario del Pueblo (ERP)

Wikipedia: Montoneros

CNN: Mothers of Plaza de Mayo & the "Dirty War" (1998)


Guardian Limited: Hugo Banzer profile (2002)

Library of Congress: The Banzer Regime

Wikipedia: Juan Jose Torres

Wikipedia: Revolutionary Left Movement (MIR)


COHA: Pinochet’s and the Chilean Military’s Tarnished Legacy (2004)

Los Angeles Times: Operation Condor and Pinochet (1998)

Remember Chile: Manuel Contreras & the Birth of DINA

Wikipedia: Augusto Pinochet

Wikipedia: Manuel Contreras

Wikipedia: Raul Iturriaga

Wikipedia: Revolutionary Left Movement (MIR)

FAS.org: "Para-State Adversaries" (left-wing terrorist groups)


New York Times: Stroessner, Paraguay’s Enduring Dictator, Dies (2006)

COHA: Death of General Alfredo Stroessner (2006)

BBC: Paraguay's Archive of Terror (2002)

UNESCO: Democracy in the Light of Dictatorship (2000)


COHA: Keeping the Military in Check (2006)

COHA: Uruguay Confronts its Violent Past (2005)

Human Rights Watch: Ex-President Faces Prosecution for Military-Era Abuses (2005)

Wikipedia: Tupamaros

Wikipedia: Hugo Campos Hermida

United States

New Internationalist: Henry Kissinger (2002)

New America Media: C.I.A. Knew About Latin Terror Plan for Paris (2002)

Official Site: State Department Memo about Operation Condor (1976) (200 Kbs.)

Official Site: State Department Memo about South American Security Bloc (1977) (828 Kbs.)

National Security Archive: FBI Memo on Operation Condor (1977)

Z Magazine: The Condor Case (2007)

NameBase: Operation Condor: Ask the DEA

Operation Condor Maps and Media

NPR: Terry Gross Interview of Operation Condor book author (Time: 25:08)

Link TV: Investigating Operation Condor (Time: 5:15)

Google Video: 30 Years: Families Struggle for Justice (Time: 7:15)

Google Video: Truth, Justice & Reconciliation forum (Time: 1:14:52)

IPS: Disturbing Exhibit Combines Technology, Human Rights, Art (2006)

Operation Condor Books and Research

Human Rights in Latin America: Sources on "Plan Condor"

John Dinges: Operation Condor

Transnational institute: Operation Condor links

National Security Archive: Documents about Operation Condor and Chilean dictator Pinochet

Transnational Institute: The Hinchey Report: C.I.A. Activities in Chile

NameBase: Operation Condor Documents

La Tercera: La Operación Cóndor

Operation Condor Blogs and Message Boards

Alex Constantine's Blacklist blog: Operation Condor, 9/11/1973 & 2001

Media Monarchy blog: Kissinger's Extradition Sought over Operation Condor

Atlantic Free Press blog: Returning to the Scene of a Crime - Chile Over 30 Years Later

SqlSpace Breaking Political News: Documents Confirm US Involvement in South American Horror

Sourcewatch wiki: Plan Condor

Operation Condor Criticism

FLACSO Chile: Blowback of a Criminal Alliance: The Condor Investigations (262 Kbs.) (2003)

Crimes of War: Operation Condor: Deciphering the U.S. Role (2001)

World Socialist Web Site: Operation Condor: US holds key evidence against Pinochet (1998)

Harvard Univ.: Missing Letter in Foreign Affairs: Kissinger, Pinochet & Operation Condor (847 Kbs.)

The Nation: The Maxwell Affair (2004)

Green Left Weekly: Villa Grimaldi: A Symbol of Pain Transformed (2003)

Third World Traveler: Operation Condor

Dissident Voice: Coming Soon to the U.S.? Plan Condor, the Sequel (2003)

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