Jesse Ventura and the CIA

CIA confirms Ventura meeting occurred Tim Pugmire, Minnesota Public Radio January 3, 2008

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Heroin, Bags of Cash & The CIA

"... Criminals do not voluntarily surrender their business models. Cleaning up the problem is not going to happen until the CIA covert operations are brought un

The Selling of The Pentagon 2013

, Becky Gaskill and Carrie Waltemeyer
“This will sound as if I am speaking large, but Mussolini said that the definition of fascism was whe

Democrats: CIA is Out to Get Us

Manu Raju
Politico, May 12, 2009
Dems, including Sen. Carl Levin, charge that the CIA has released documents about congressional briefings on wat

CIA Officer Charged in Algiers Rape

WASHINGTON (AP) — A former CIA station chief charged with raping an unconscious Algerian woman last year surrendered to federal agents outside a federal court