Wealth Transfer

" ... the stock price of Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway has soared 14.4% in the less than a month since Mr. Paulson set in motion a global financial crisis

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Nixon, Kissinger and Bastards at War

Kissinger, China, and Indian Amnesiasify.com/news "The Indians are bastards anyway."So declared Henry Kissinger, National Security Advisor to US P

Who’s Who in the Obama Cabinet

Part I - Economic and Budget Policy www.wsws.org19 January 2009Timothy Geithner, treasury secretaryA career government official involved in ove

Henry M. Paulson's Salary at Goldman Sachs

Currently, the Secretary of the Treasury earns $191,300 per year. His salary, and those of all Federal Government employees, are paid out of the General Fund of

Obama’s Angels of Hope

Edited There Goes Another Campaign Promise ... TOM DASCHLE Pocono Record December 28, 2008 " ... Obama said he wouldn't appoint lobbyist