How John Yoo Got Off Scot-Free

Choire Sicha The Awl | February 22, 2010 Despite what is surely deliberate obstruction, in the form of having deleted John Yoo's emails, the Depa

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John Yoo Defends Warrantless Wiretaps

"(AP) ... The inspectors general were particularly critical of Yoo, a deputy assistant attorney general in Bush's Justice Department. The report said Yoo's anal

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Abu Ghraib Torture Documentaries

GW Bush is flying around the world demanding human rights reform in foreign countries - while the CIA coerces "confessions" from kidnapped "combatants" (who hav

How We Torture

How We Torture: Alex Gibney with Williams Cole
Williams Cole

Dealing With The Secret Government

"... But a growing chorus of voices, some of whom served on the original committee and some of whom currently occupy oversight positions in Congress, have begun

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The Inhuman Side of CIA’s Torture Tactics

There is a long list of officials, including President Obama himself, who are guilty of ensuring that no one will be held accountable for the cruel abuses infli