Julian Assange: A Man in a Casket?

EuroWeek | December 2, 2010
Harry Sternberg, "Fascism"
Loathed by some and loved by others, Julian Assange is a man in a suitca

WikiLeaks Employs Holocaust Denier

" ... [Israel Shamir] says the Teheran Holocaust Conference of 2006 'proved that the Holocaust dogma is a basic tenet in the great world-embracing brainwashing

WikiLeaks Saves Lives

" ... The whole debate has become a farce. Instead of concentrating on U.S. war crimes, the media is targeting WikiLeaks. ... Members of the mainstream media kn

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Pentagon Ramps Up War on WikiLeaks

120 spooks dedicated to job
By James Nixon
Thinq.co.uk | 13 September, 2010
Sources inside the Pentagon have revealed that a rapidly-expanding