Re “Opus Dei in the News”

Re "Opus Dei in the News"

Thomas has left a new comment on your post "Opus Dei in the News":

How sick can you get ....... By condemning Christianity will you get peace? Remember You will have to answerable to God

Not if "God" thinks it through a bit, choom. The posting referred to here was composed of news stories about Opus Dei's bigotry, connections to terrorism and such. One or two were about the sect engaging in terrorism - I didn't write a word of it and haven't condemned Christianity, to my knowledge. Opus Dei is another matter, and they are "answerable" to the FBI.A few news stories about Opus Dei felons do not constitute a "condemnation" of Christianity. Mostly I only condemn Christian individuals like yourself - not the same. - Hellbound AC

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