Remembering Serbia’s Nazi Past and Mass Murders of Jews

Remembering Serbia’s Nazi Past and Mass Murders of Jews
April 28, 2009

Serbs portray themselves as the major Balkan victims of the Second World War, but conceal the Chetnik collaboration with Nazi fascists, including systematic genocide that they had committed against several peoples, including the Bosniaks and Jews.

Although Serbian historians contend that the persecution of the Jews of Serbia was entirely the responsibility of Germans and began only with the German occupation, this is self- serving fiction.

Fully six months before the Nazi invasion of Yugoslavia, Serbia had issued legislation restricting Jewish participation in the economy and university enrolment. 94 percent of Serbia’s 16,000 Jews were exterminated, with the considerable cooperation of the Serbian government, the Serbian Orthodox Church, the Serbian State Guard, the Serbian police and the Serbian public.

The largest proportion of anti-fascist Bosnian partisans were Bosniaks Muslims, who were being slaughtered by all sides (Ustashas, Chetniks and Nazis). Attempts to form a pro-Axis Bosniak division failed when the Bosniak Muslim conscripts revolted against the Germans at a training base south of Le Puy, France in September 1943.

While it is true that during the War, both the Partisans and pro-German Serbian-Nazi Chetniks aided Allied pilots in escaping, they did so because they were paid in gold for each one. However, only NAZI collaborator and fascist Draza Mihailovic received Medal, due to intensive Serbian lobbying and propaganda in the U.S.

The first experiments in mass executions of camp inmates by poison gas were carried out in Serbia. Serbia was the first country to proudly declare itself “Judenfrei” (”cleansed” of Jews) The long concealed Historical Archives in Belgrade reveal that Banjica, a concentration camp located in Belgrade, was primarily staffed by Serbs.

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This article is bogus propaganda piece, probably written by some Bosnian Muslim propagandist writer in order to paint Serbians in black light. As a employee of a mentioned Banjica concentration camp museum, I find these lies to be thoroughly insulting. There is large number of historical inaccuracies in a short volume of text, so I will concentrate on just a few of them for the lack of space. -The truth is that that Chetnic movement (Royal Army in Homeland) were responsible for large number of atrocities, especially against Muslim populations, but it is also true that most of those killings… Read more »
Lyle Courtsal
If they hate like a nazi, kill like a nazi, and lie like a nazi, thyen they must be proto-nazi mass murderers, though certainly, there are other ideologies used to justify mass murder of dependent vulnerable peoples. The nazis murdered off the disabled and the mentally ill first. And yes, I have seen a picture of an orthodox priest marching in a nazi parade with his right arm at the proper angle just like hitler; that is a deep shame for this orthodox christian. The most fundamental teaching of God in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ is Thou Shalt… Read more »