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"Dave Agema’s Defense for Posting a Racist Article: I Got It From Allen West, and He’s Black!" (Salon)

Michigan RNC Committeeman Dave Agema is facing renewed calls from his own party to remove him from positions of leadership after Agema posted a new racist Facebook post on New Year's Eve. ...

Regarding the anti-Muslim remarks, Agema has posted "eye opening' Internet articles asking readers whether they had 'ever seen a Muslim do anything that contributes positively to the American way of life."

MLive posted a screengrab of Agema's New Year's Eve post last week, writing:

In a New Years’ Eve posting on his infamous Facebook page, disgraced Michigan GOP national committeeman Dave Agema reprinted an essay about African-Americans. Either Agema or somebody he is quoting endorses it as “very interesting” and “very enlightening” for “anyone concerned about crime in America.” The essay - since taken down by Agema - is copied from the May 9 edition of American Renaissance, a white supremacist magazine.

Talking Points Memo reports that Virginia GOP Chair Pat Mullins is urging his party to keep Agema out of the San Diego meeting of the Republican National Committee, and kick him out of the RNC permanently. ...