Roger Ailes was Behind News Corp.’s $1-Million Contribution to the RGA

Roger Ailes was Behind News Corp.’s $1-Million Contribution to the RGA

When Media Matters first highlighted reports that Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. -- the parent company of outlets like Fox News, Wall Street Journal and New York Post -- had given a $1 million contribution to the Republican Governors’ Association, we noted the possible motivation behind the massive contribution:

...According to the [Bloomberg] article, News Corp. is actually the RGA's 'biggest corporate donut.'...

Over on’s Off The Grid blog, Michael Wolff has even more to say about the possible motivation. He writes (emphasis added):

The company is claiming the donation has nothing to do with its news side, going so far as to audaciously say, “There is a strict wall between business and editorial.” The “corporate side” made the donation, News Corp.’s hapless spokesman insists. But the central advocate for giving the dough has been none other than Fox Chief Roger Ailes. In the past, Ailes has been stymied or neutralized in his quest to have the company put its corporate money where its mouth is, because the No. 2 in the company until last summer, Peter Chernin, was a Democrat.

With Chernin gone, and with Fox News outperforming most other parts of the company, Ailes is the central voice. What’s more, Chernin’s sidekick, corporate PR-guy Gary Ginsberg, who could be counted on to use the threat of bad press to keep Murdoch from giving in to Ailes’ none-too-politic schemes and demands, is also gone—purged, in part, by Ailes.

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