Ron Paul Walks Out Of Interview After “Racist” Questions

Ron Paul Walks Out Of Interview After “Racist” Questions

By Kirsten West Savali
Black Politics - December 22, 2011

Black Politics reports:

If Dr. Ron Paul is going to remain in the big leagues, he might want to develop a  tougher skin. When he was an irrelevant third-party Libertarian  candidate, no one cared enough to dig up his dirt; now poised to run as a  Republican candidate in what is a wide-open field — if we ignore Newt Gingrich, the mud-slinging is thicker than George W. Bush’s skull.

Making  the media rounds lately, are some newsletters from the '80s and '90s in which someone, allegedly Paul, made extremely racially inflammatory comments, including referring to African-Americans as “animals.”

Consistently refuting the claims, Paul says that he did not conduct  oversight over written views that were going out under his name, and has  continued to remind potential voters that his politics over the years  have in no way reflected the views expressed in the controversial  newsletters.

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