Part 2

Ben Nelson, Wife Own As Much As $6 Million In Berkshire Stock

. Salant and James Rowley Bloomberg BusinessWeek | April 27, 2010 April 27 (Bloomberg) -- Senator Ben Nelson, who supported an exemptio

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Part 3

Nelson Flips On Regulatory Reform After Buffett Provision Removed

| Huffington Post | April 26, 2010 Democrats were surprised on Monday evening when Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) did an abrupt about-face and beca

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Part 4

Ben Nelson, Neo-con

Ben Nelson: Now More Conservative Than Ever

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Part 5

Ben Nelson & Pharma (W/video)

Confronted With Truth, Blue Dog Ben Nelson Throws Hissy Fit | LA Progressive | 4 August 2009 Since the White House and Senate Major

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Part 6

Ben Nelson And Warren Buffett - A Day In The Life Of A Two-faced Zillionaire

Lordrobot | The Motley Fool | May 03, 2010 In a word, the senator from Nebraska, Ben Nelson is a whore and Warren Buffett is his pimp. I preface my remark

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Part 7

Tennessee Bribery Bill Named For Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson

| Political  Hotsheet | January 29, 2010 Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska has come under widespread criticism for a deal he bro

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