Part 2

The Wu Tang Clan & the Feds (2000 Village Voice Story)

" ... Caruso told the Clan he used to peddle drugs at the Limelight. He regaled them with tales of drug and sex orgies hosted at fancy hotels. H

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Part 3

John Lennon: Bull in Search of a China Shop

ALSO SEE: "Case Closed: The CIA Murder of John Lennon" - "On John Lennon’s Murder: Don’t Softsoap Me – Gimme Some Truth" Giles Harvey NY Review of Boo

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Part 4

1) Has the Riddle of Rolling Stone Brian Jones’s Death been Solved at Last?, 2) Jones Case will not be Re-Opened Despite Murder Evidence

The press does not lose an opportunity to blame the victim with the lazy accusation that Brian Jones took drugs. But it has been established a score of ind

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Part 6

"Super Cat Shot Dead in Robbery" -- Story by Super Cat

Born of Indian descent, Super Cat was raised in Kingston’s tough Seivright Gardens neighborhood, then known as Cockburn Pen. As a child, Super Cat heard the l

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Part 7

Joan Baez vs. the FBI, Army & Navy: The Court Battle Over Her Vietnam War-Era Surveillance Files

Related: "E-Books : 'The Covert War Against Rock' & (Newly Released) 'Terror on the Right'"   Folk singer Joan Ba

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Part 8

When Bolivia Tried to Murder US Folk Legend Phil Ochs

One of the greatest protest musicians in American history took his life 39 years ago. Driven into a deep depression both his own demons and the demoralizatio

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Part 9

When ALL EVIDENCE is Considered, it is Indisputable that Michael Hutchence & Gianni Versace were Murdered by the Calabrian Mafia

Dancing on the Jetty:
The Death of Michael Hutchence, et al
Alex Constantine
“Pop eats its young, that’s f

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Part 10

Why the Government Won't Investigate Murders of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls

Related: E-Books : “The Covert War Against Rock” & (Newly Released) “Terror on the Right” Lloyd Lake, ex-associate and friend

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Part 11

Tupac Shakur Talks Black Panthers, Political Harassment and Predicts His Own Death in Unreleased Interview From ’94

The legendary rapper Tupac was far ahead of his time. Today Tupac re-emerges in an unreleased audio interview that he did back in 1994 somewhere in Hollywood. T

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Part 12

How Bob Marley Was Given Up To Die

May 31, 2013
“Reggae music will get bigger and bigger and bigger till it reaches the right people!" - Bob Marley
Robert Nesta Marley, the Jamaican

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Part 14

Hypnotizin’ Hip Hop: Does MC Stand for Mind Control?

" ... If Ja- Z and Kanye have to put a warning message on their video for Paris that it might 'trigger seizures,' what else could it be triggering inside your h

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Part 16

Operation Condor: Chile Lawyer Seeks Arrests in Singer’s Murder During CIA-Directed Coup in 1973

" ... An autopsy from 2009 found that the folk singer died from dozens of gunshot wounds all over his body ... "
Associated Press | D

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Part 17

John Lennon: The Last Day in the Life

On Wednesday it will be 30 years since John Lennon's murder, an event seared upon the memory of a generation. Now, in a new documentary, fans, police officers a

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Part 18

Was John Lennon’s Murderer Mark Chapman a Programmed CIA Hitman?

Daily Mail Online | December 3, 2010

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Part 19

Covert War Against Dimebag Darrell?

A schizophrenic Marine with rabid obsessions and command hallucinations killed heavy metal guitarist Dimebag Darrell in 2004. The "reasonable" explanations of t

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Part 20

The Machine that Killed Hendrix

Also see: "The Jimi Hendrix Political Harassment, Kidnap and Murder Experience"  "Hendrix was traumatised an impoverished upringing and stung the system

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Part 21

The Last Poets, the Black Panthers & the FBI

After the Party: Music and the Black Panthers
Musicians don't often end up on FBI watch lists, but the Last Poets did, thanks to their links with the Blac

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Part 23

The Jimi Hendrix Political Harassment, Kidnap and Murder Experience

From The Covert War Against Rock (Feral House, 2000) "I don't believe for one minute that he killed himself. That was out of the question.

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Part 24

"Rock Roadie" Repeats Allegations that I Made Nine Years Ago in "Covert War Against Rock" re the Death of Jimi Hendrix

Rock Roadie echoes accusations that I made in 2000. Significant details are left out of Wright's account (eg. money laundering, intelligence connections, and th

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Part 25

Covert War Against Lord Buckley?

ClownIntelPro#9 Beat-lesTOON CopCardNY
Courtesy of VictorSRMoore - "Yeah it looks like Hipster Clown Lord Buckley was likely a COINTELPRO murder. His crow

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Part 26

Covert War Against Tim Buckley?

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Part 28

Mick Jagger Assassination Attempt

"LONDON (AP) A new BBC radio documentary says Rolling Stones star Mick Jagger dodged an assassination attempt in 1969. The program says Jagg

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Part 29

Covert War Against Lucky Dube?

TO MILLIONS OF AFRICANS, THE COLD-blooded murder of reggae superstar Lucky Dube has silenced their voice of hope. But it is to South Africans that the deat

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Part 30

RCMP Spied on John Lennon in 1969

OTTAWA -- Spies from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police kept close watch on Beatle John Lennon's ill -starred plans for a massive peace festival near Toront

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Part 31

Hip Hop Friday Interview with Cathy Scott on the Murder of Tupac Shakur

Las Vegas reporter Cathy Scott's investigation of the Tupac murder pretty much parallels my own - but I think her underlying assumptions, the influence of havin

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Part 32

The CIA Murder of John Lennon: Mae Brussell Interview

TRANSCRIPT: " ... A short while ago we had the pleasure of talking to noted assassination/conspiracy researcher Mae Brussell at her home in Carmel, California.

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Part 33

Biggie & Tupac

" ... Somewhere along the production line, though, Biggie & Tupac morphed into something much more. Something unfluffy; something with a backbone; somethin

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Part 34

Obituary of Rear Admiral George S. Morrison, Father of the Lizard King

George 'Steve' Morrison; rear admiral flew combat missions in lengthy career


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Part 35

Get Up, Stand Up … for the CIA: Dr. Lowell Taubman’s Counterfeit Analysis of the Origins of Bob Marley’s Cancer

In January 2001, I was a guest on James Whale's TalkSPORT, a popular radio show that airs in London, to discuss my latest book, The Covert War Against Rock

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Part 36


"Brown proceeded to tell Alpert the mob had such control over the music industry that it could demand huge kickbacks from most performers.... " Brown's act? You

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Part 37

The Last 24 Hours of Jimi Hendrix

The Jimi Hendrix chapter in Alex Constantine's The Covert War Against Rock was the basis of this documentary. It is available on DVD, and will air in the UK on

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Part 38

Kochs Building their Version of America

As suggested in Dark Money, never have two members of one American family spent so much time and money to control our democracy, and in their effo

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Part 39

How the CIA Created Jamaica's 'Shower Posse' (the Death Squad that Shot Bob Marley & His Family)

Editor's Note: Periodically, an article appears in Google's news bank alluding to "conspiracy theories" about Bob Marley's death.  My own work on Marley's str

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Part 41

Family of Lennon Lacy Requests Federal Investigation into Suspicious Death

Together with the North Carolina NAACP, the family of the Bladenboro teenager who was found dead this summer has requested that the U.S. Justice Department join

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Part 42

Scott Walker is the Kochs' Model Governor

Also see: "Secret audio nails Scott Walker! A humiliating suck-up to the Koch brothers," Salon, Aug. 28, 2014

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Part 43

Daily Mail: 'Red Wine Could have Led to Jimi Hendrix's Death'

In The Covert War Against Rock (2000), I reported all of the essential details concerning the murder of Jimi Hendrix discussed below by the UK's Daily Mail in 2

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Part 44

Exposed: RT Host Manuel Ochsenreiter is a Nazi

By Gianluca Mezzofiore 
International Business Times, March 24, 2014

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Part 45

Who Controls the Kochs’ Political Network?

and Theodoric Meyer
This post first appeared in ProPublica.

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Part 46

Policeman Accused of Beating to Death Friend of John Lennon and Yoko Ono

The burned and buried body of the former British model was discovered in Hungary. On April 23, 2009, The Telegraph reported: "Her family had been campaigning f

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Part 47

Assange Wins Yoko-Lennon Courage Award, His Lawyer Slams Murderous CIA

President Emeritus of the Center for Constitutional Rights, Michael Ratner, the U.S. lawyer for Julian Assange talked to the Voice of Russia's John Robles regar

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Part 48

Damage Control: Right-Wing Media Rush to Kochs’ Defense Following New Yorker Article

Following a New Yorker article that reported on David and Charles Koch's funding of "stealth attacks" on the Obama administration, right-wing media, including r

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Part 49

Stephen Marley's 'Mind Control' Lyrics

Mind Control
Yeah, Yeah Yeah
Now Tell You What, Its Mind Control
Mind Control,
Corruption Of Your Thoughts (Yeah), Destruction Of Your S

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Part 50

Operation Underworld: Pre-History of Michael Jackson, Simpson Case, Murders of Jimi Hendrix, Donald Aronow etal, S&L Thievery, Op Gladio, etc., etc.

Operation UnderworldFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaOperation Underworld was the United States government's code name for a the recruitment of organized cr

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Part 51

"Jimmy Hendrix 'was murdered' by his manager, claims roadie" - Daily Mail

As I've reported elsewhere, Michael Jeffery, Jimi's manager, was an agent of British intelligence - a fact that the press has long ignored, and still does - wit

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Part 52

Ono's Light Tower in Reykjavik to Honour John Lennon

The Imagine Peace Tower, a light tower designed by Yoko Ono, will be unveiled in Reykjavik, Iceland, this October on what would have been the late Beatle J

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Part 54

Lyrics to "Fools Die!" by Peter Tosh

The lips of the righteous teaches many
But fools die for want of wisdom
The rich man's wealth is in the city

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Part 55

Visit the Official John Lennon Site

Why take time away from work at the machine shop, the Sopranos, twinkie eating, Rush Limbaugh, Crystal Cathedral or the Hot Asian Bubble Butt web site ... and a

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