Part 1

Michael Moriarty

"The Koran can be read like Hitler's Mein Kampf. It demands to rule the entire human race. ... "

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Part 2

Pat Boone

Edited Pat Boone and the World Anti-Communist League (fascist front)" ... Pat Boone, 71, is one of America's most beloved entertainers. In t

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Part 3

CNN's Richard Quest, Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper

In which CNN's Richard Quest, Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper are profiled, with facts and commentary on staged presidential debates and lies of the "Corrupt

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Part 4

Jennifer Garner, Rachael Seymour & Robert De Niro

Alias Star Recruits for CIAMarch 10, 2004Actress Jennifer Garner may only play a spy on ABC's action-drama Alias, but that's good enough for the

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Part 5

Kiefer Sutherland

Edited (Revised 25th January 2009 22:39:32)" ... 'FBI APEC Seattle, FBI used CIA-kidnapped children as prostitutes for blackmail,' but we'r

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Part 6

Tom Hanks & Julia Roberts

Edited American life often imitates "art" ... like a bad movie ..." ... Last summer Langley even created its own Hollywood liaison position;

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Part 7

Lillo Brancato, Jr


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Part 8

Whither Came Oprah Winfrey?

OPRAH WINFREY - THE HEAVEN'S GATE/CHRISTIAN WINGNUT CONNECTION" ... The Heaven's Gate theology, for all intents and purposes, is Christian. In fact, it's so st

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Part 9

General Petraeus

DISPATCHES FROM AMERICASelling the President's General Asia TimesYou simply can't pile up enough adjectives when it comes to the general, who,

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Part 10

Fox News' Criminal Pundits

Series edited By JAMES THINDWAwww.inthesetimes.comMAY 20, 2008Conservatives have created a two-tier system of accountability: one for progre

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Part 11

William Bennett

William Bennett, Gays, and the TruthMR. VIRTUE DABBLES IN PHONY STATISTICS.SalonDec. 19, 1997"This is tough news. It's not pleasant to hear," sa

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Part 12

Laura Schlessinger

Edited The black and frightening valueless world of Laura Schlessinger:"Woman Power: Transform Your Man, Your Marriage, Your Life"She was on

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Part 13

Sean Hannity

Edited Another night, another high tech lynching of Barack Obama on Hannity & Colmes. It was the usual attacks on Obama over those with w

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Part 14

John Voight

Edited John Voight Discusses Insidious Liberal Mind Control - "Socialist" vs. "Good-Thinking Children"[Full text below]VOIGHT: My concerns f

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Part 15

Dennis Hopper

Edited " ... For most of my life I wasn't on the left. ... " - Dennis Hopper" ... 'My father was in the OSS. He was in China, Burma, India.'

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Part 16

Cinema's Exiles: From Hitler to Hollywood

Edited Trailer of Cinema's Exiles. Film exclusive: Exodus to Hollywood. As Hitler expands his territory in Europe, more and more of German

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Part 17

Winona Ryder

" ... Talent scouts spotted her on the A.C.T. stage and had her test for the role of Jon Voight's daughter in Desert Bloom. She didn't get the part, but her au

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Part 18

Ron Jeremy

Wki: " ... Jeremy was born to an upper-middle class Jewish family; his father Arnold was a physicist and his mother a book editor who served in the O.S.S. duri

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Part 19

Sterling Hayden

Edited Sterling Hayden"Sterling Hayden was an American actor and author. For most of his career as a leading man, he specialized in westerns

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Part 20

Catherine Deneuve

20/10/2007The actor father of Catherine Deneuve was a Nazi collaborator, according to a new unauthorised biography of the French actress.Bernard Violet, a inve

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Part 21

Kevin Spacey

Edited " ... Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey's older brother Randall Fowler has unveiled a dark harrowing past, where he was sexually abused by

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Part 22

Eartha Kitt

Edited By Danny Millerwww.huffingtonpost.comDecember 27, 2008Eartha Kitt, self-described "sex kitten" and singer of the yuletide classic "Sa

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Part 23

Eric Braeden

Edited The Wikipedia version: "Eric Braeden (born Hans Jörg Gudegast on April 3, 1941) is an Emmy Award-winning German film and television

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Part 24

Gary Cooper and Victor McLaglen

Edited Gary Cooper, Hollywood "Hussar"... Cooper was part of the Hollywood Hussars, a reactionary group with fascist sympathies founded by W

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Part 25

Fred Barnes

Edited “ ... 'It's really important at this stage ... to be thinking about how to institutionalize courses of action that will enable

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Part 26

Mort Kondracke

Edited "If Fox, you know, was embarrassingly right wing or something like that, it would be plain for all to see." - Mort KondrackeMort Kond

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Part 27

Vietnam-Era ABC News Correspondent Sam Jaffe

Edited Carl Bernstein on Sam Jaffe" ... Other CIA top level individuals named by Bernstein are as follows:Louisville Courier Journal -- Barr

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Part 28

Greta Van Susteren

Edited Greta Before and After Cosmetic Surgery" ... But what kind of religious mission motivates Van Susteren? St. Petersburg Times reporter

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Part 29

Dean Martin

Edited Dino and the Costello Family"Lou Costello’s father was from Italy. In Italy the name was spelled Cristillo. Lou Costello got De

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Part 30

Abba•••ABBA's Frida linked with Brown's UK sex scandalGleen OwenThe Daily TelegraphDecember 17, 2007

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Part 31

Mickey Rourke

Edited Birth and Childhood"Rourke was born in Schenectady, New York to a family of Irish and French descent. His father, Philip Andre Rourke

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Part 32

Steven Seagal

"Look at me when I talk to you."Steven Seagal It could have been a scene from The Sopranos except that it was for real. It took place on February 2, 2001, and

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Part 33

Bill Moyers and Joseph Campbell

The Power of the Bill Moyers Myth - Who will Tell Amy Goodman? On PBS, Moyers promotes the work of the late fascist eugenicist Joseph Cam

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Part 34

Stephen Baldwin

Edited We expect that, by now, Baldwin has packed, has his visa in his pocket and is headed for LAX ...Stephen Baldwin On Fox News: If Obama

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Part 35

Joe Scarborough

Edited Wiki: "Broadcasting career - "In late May 2001, Scarborough announced that he would resign from Congress on September 6 to spend more

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Part 36

Michelle Malkin

Edited Marriage to RAND CORP." ... Malkin was born on October 20, 1970 in Philadelphia to Filipino parents, Rafaela and Dr. Apolo Maglalang,

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Part 37

Heather Locklear

Edited " ... Heather Locklear (born September 25, 1961) ... is considered a Hollywood Republican. ... "

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Part 38

Laura Ingraham

Edited She commands a huge "market share" of "thinking Americans" by crabbing constantly about "liberal elites" ... and they only exist in h

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Part 39

Chuck Norris

Edited "Chuck signed our gator." Norris"It's a new age

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Part 40

Mark Everett (l) and Mark Everett (ll)

Edited In which two unrelated celebrities named Mark Everett - one reasonably successful, lead vocalist for The Eels rock band (with defense

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Part 41

Helen Mirren

LONDON (AFP) — Oscar-winner Helen Mirren admitted she loved snorting cocaine and only stopped due to the capture of Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie, in an

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Part 42

Greg Jarrett

Edited Greg Jarrett – Liar Or Uninformed?Reported by Priscilla - June 15, 2008News HoundsYesterday (June 14th), on the Saturday editio

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Part 43

John Belushi

Mae Brussell – World Watchers International radio broadcast, March 21, 1982. Transcribed and edited When John Belushi died, there was

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Part 44

Amber Smith

Edited Supermodel Amber SmithBorn: 2-Mar-1972Birthplace: Tampa, FLFather: Russell Smith (former NFL running back, b. 4-Aug-1944)Mother: Caro

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Part 45

Gloria Estefan

Edited The Cuban ExileWiki: "Her family was forced to flee the country to Miami, Florida, during the Cuban Revolution. A few years after the

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Part 46

Billy Bush

" ... everybody loves a little Thin Lizzy. ... "A Bush cousin finds his TV nichephillynews.comAug. 12, 2004Billy Bush has done pretty well on

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Part 47

Diane Sawyer

Edited Sawyer and the Nixon Administration"Prior to joining CBS News, Sawyer held several positions in the Nixon administration. She was par

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Part 48

Kirk Cameron

Teen hearthrob wants a fascist theocracy ... Cameron is the founder of The Way of the Master (WOTM). According to Wikipedia, WOTM is "a United States-based Chr

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Part 49

Commercial Break (4): The Greediest Man in Hollywood

" ... To some, redirection might be an appropriate metaphor for Anschutz's entire enterprise, which they fear is all about bringing God and conservatism to Hol

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Part 50

Commercial Break (5): Joe Kennedy's Hollywood Years

Joseph P. Kennedy Presents, Cari Beauchamp Martin Rubin The SF Chronicle/ 15, 2009 Review - Joseph P. Kennedy Presents: His Hollywoo

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Part 51

Commercial Break (3): The CIA in Hollywood (Continued)

July 2002 issue of High Times"Without censorship, things can get terribly confused in the public mind."--General William C. Westmoreland, Ti

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Part 52

Commercial Break (2): The Politics of Heroin at Fox News

Caution: Exporting drugs, also shooting heroin, can be dangerous - don't try any of the crimes described herein at home. (Obviously, you don't want this man in

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Part 53

Commercial Break (1): The CIA in Hollywood

CIA's Entertainment Industry Liaison Office“If you’ve got government agencies working in Hollywood covertly to improve their own images, that’

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