Part 2

The BBC, Amazing Pederast James Randi and CIA Mind Control

From: "BBC Attack Piece Promotes Cottage Industry Of Debunkers" by Steve Watson

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Part 3

Kathy Shaidle, UnTruther & Unabashed Racist

Today, Kathy Shaidle at let loose with some antipathy ...
Van Jones a '9/11 Truther' since January 2002

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Part 4

Commission Atty. Claims 9/11 was the Result of "Massive Bureaucratic Failures"

THE 9/11 STUPIDITY THEORYRe The Ground Truth: The Untold Story of America Under Attack on 9/11, Farmer is not hostile to the 9/11 Truth Movement,

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Part 5

Peter Roff Attacks "Fringe" 9/11 Truth Movement in US News & World Report

" ... Peter, when a journalist such as yourself works for a religious cult leader such as Sun Myung Moon, Mr. Moon expects, nay, requires, you to follow the "cu

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Part 6

The World According to CIA Mockingbird Richard Miniter

In early 2002, Miniter was contracted to write a book that became Losing bin Laden. He would spend the next 18 months reporting from Khartoum, Cairo, Frankfurt,

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Part 7

The Media War on "Conspiracy Theorists"

Alex "The Logical Positivist" Constantine (portrait)

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Part 8

Rupert Murdoch's WSJ hires Manhattan Inst. Neo-Fascist to Cover Up Kennedy's Murder

Once again, it seems the "conspiracy theorists" have it all wrong: "The extreme rhetoric of the 1960s, in which leaders were cast as 'war criminals' and America

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Part 9

WHY IS THE 911 "FRINGE" MOVEMENT SO MAINSTREAM? By: DevvyOctober 25,“It just didn't make any sense to me... When one starts using his own mind, and not what one was t

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Part 10

Vincent Carroll's Lazy-Man's Guide to 9/11

I honestly tried to find a photo of Vincent Carroll - a stalwart "conservative" editorial writer at the Denver Post - in which he doesn't appear to be crazy, bu

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