Fear And Loathing At The NSA

Research Assistance by Team8Plus "... civilian launch platform and satellite efforts have faltered, and the growth of the space industry ha

Prague: Mafia Involved in Defense Contracts

Police anti-corruption head makes charges January 3rd, 2008 issue(Updated Jan. 4, 2008) Organized crime influenced Defense Ministry contracts, Mladá Fronta Dne

Secret France-Libya Arms Transfers?

AP, August 1, 2007Report: Gadhafi son says French arms deal key to medics' release; Sarkozy denies dealPARIS: The son of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi said a de

Calgary: Arms Business Growing Force

Bill KaufmannCalgary Sun26th June 2009http://www.calgarysun.com/news/columnists/bill_kaufmann/2009/06/26/9941566-sun.htmlNobody wants one less thing to celebrat

Hosni Mubarak, CIA Bag-Man

"... For decades, Mubarak was Washington’s man in Egypt, even if his loyalty was bought and paid for. ..." Morgan Strong ConsortiumNews | March

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