Donald Rumsfeld, Gilead & Bird Flu

Pentagon-WHO-CDC H5N1 Bird Flu Scam: Deadly Hoax HENRY SEE (SIGNS OF THE TIMES) The bird flu scare will put the entire media spectacle in a different light.

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On Rummy and Runny Noses

Flu fearCommentary: Look who's profiting from this year's flu season, BOSTON (MarketWatch) -- How much could Donald Rumsfeld make from th

We Need to Know the Truth about Tamiflu

' ... Roche hasn’t actually released the data yet. It has promised to do so, but it has promised that before. It also states that it has to edit the data to p

The Path of Bliss

"I'm crestfallen, The world of illusion is at my door ..." – Bob Dylan One of the passengers on Flight 5191 placed his faith in this

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