Coke Zero, Dangerous? Venezuela says Yes

The "mainstream" news outlets are excoriating Chavez for banning the sale of Coke Zero due to health considerations. This morning, NPR quoted a Coke representat

Is Your Sweetener Causing Itchy Eyes?

"... Dr. Donald Belsito and the contact dermatitis group at the University of Kansas reported an eyelid rash that was linked to aspartame. Since then, several j

Diet Drinks Linked To Premature Birth

"... Researchers surveyed nearly 60,000 women at the midpoint of their pregnancy. ... The women who drank one artificially-sweetened (carbonated and non-carbona

Dead Rats don't Lie

Dead rats don't lie, says sweetener critic Wednesday, 24 September 2008, 2:31 pm Press Release: Chris Wheeler "Dead rats don't lie," says food safety campa

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The Spin on Aspartame

Government Agencies, Health Experts Join Forces to Push Aspartame Safety
The FDA, the USDA, and medical experts from such powerhouses as the Mayo Clinic a