UKTV Channel Bags Nazi Collaborators

"... It’s high time we busted the myth that WWII was a clear case of bad guys fighting good guys, with innocent people caught in the middle. The reality was o

Serbian Nazi Collaborators of WW II

" ... Serbian Nazi fascists worked closely with German Nazi officials in making Belgrade the first 'Judenfrei' city of Europe. Serbian leader made a

America's Corporate Nazi Collaborators

Dirty war games
Letter to the Independent
Sir -- Regarding Alistair McFarlane's letter last week, 'Democracies do better in battle.'

The CIA and the Muslim Brotherhood

The press is devoting a modicum of attention to author Ian Johnson, as NPR reported on June 5, for discovering CIA/Nazi ties to the Muslim

The Occult Nazi Roots of Mircea Eliade

"... As in the case of Jung, Eliade seems to have to taken steps to see that his interest in questionable occult matters didn't hamper his having a respectable

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Book Review: America’s Nazi Secret

"It’s all ultimately supposed to be for the Cold War cause, but Loftus raises more sinister motives. These include a frenetic effort powerful US industrial

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Christian Dior’s Nazi Past

With the recent Galliano scandal ["I love Hitler" and, "People like you would be dead. Your mothers, your forefather