The Death Of Phillip Merrill

Any judgments re the death of Phillip Merrill, the ultra-conservative publisher and former Ex-Im Bank president, are premature - there are circumstances in the

"Epileptic" Death of Leon Ameer

From: "Malcolm X" "... On February 21, 1964 in front of a crowd in the Audubon Ballroom in New York City, Malcolm X was shot to death

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Gary Webb's ACS Story

Journalist Gary Webb's death on December 10, 2004 was filed as a suicide, and this may even be ... but he had powerful enemies, scores of them – so the inclus

A Reprise of Duncan and Blake

'Pirate Master' Contestant Dies of Apparent Suicide - Cheryl Kosewicz was depressed after her boyfriend's recent suicideJuly 31, 2007Cheryl Kosewicz, 'Pirate Ma

A Father Meets His Nightmare

"... his eldest son Steve was found dead at the base of Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach, on April 12, 1979. It was a year after William Pierce, an Oregon physics pr