Walk out on Charles Murray

" ... Charles Murray is perhaps best known for the 1994 book he co-authored, The Bell Curve. A columnist at the New York Times called it 'a scabrous piece of

Why Exxon Mobil is More Dangerous than BP

" ... The far right in our country isn't just tea party 'wackos.' To get to the root, a good place to start would be Exxon Mobil. ... "
Photo: Exxon Mobil

Students Walk Out of Charles Murray Talk

AC Note: This article overlooks the fact that the American Enterprise Institute, the sponsor of Charles Murray's talk at Duke University,  is an industrial/CIA

Daniel C. Searle Checks Out

It's a National Review story - CIA-Nazi propaganda. You probably shouldn't read CIA-Nazi propaganda and give it too much credence. But look at Daniel Searle's a

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2007 Eye on the Right

Family Research Council According to their mission statement, The Family Research Council "champions marriage and family as the foundation of civilization

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