Why Exxon Mobil is More Dangerous than BP

" ... The far right in our country isn't just tea party 'wackos.' To get to the root, a good place to start would be Exxon Mobil. ... "
Photo: Exxon Mobil

New York Magazine Profile of David Koch

The Billionaire's Party
David Koch is New York’s second-richest man, a celebrated patron of the arts, and the tea party’s wallet.
By Andrew Gold

Dick Armey: Medicare is "Tyranny"

Dick (ChattahBox)—Appearing on Meet The Press on Sunday with David Gregory, former House majority leader Dick Armey, (R-TX) compared Medicare to “tyranny,

Tea Party’s War on the Middle Class

Letter to Shore News Today (South Jersey) | May 25, 2010
To the editor:
While not completely homogeneous, the Tea Party generally speaks with a comm