The Bush-Saudi 9/11 Connection

   In 1920, under a League of Nations mandate, officials from France and Great Britain carved up vast tracts of warlord-dominated territories in Arabia into w

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More Audi Nazi Secrets Revealed

Family Secrets: Audi’s Nazi History Audi has looked into its predeccesors' Nazi affiliations, and the results are fairly damning By Rhuaridh Marr

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Slave Probe Exposes Audi's Nazi past

UPDATE: German car manufacturer Audi released a study on Monday detailing its massive exploitation of forced labour under the Nazis while part of the now-extinc

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Saudi Cash Link to Hotel Blasts: Police

WAtoday.comAugust 19, 2009A man believed to be from Saudi Arabia has been arrested on suspicion of smuggling money used to finance last month's deadly Jakarta h

Auditor Wants CIA Accounting

" ... Walker said he is fighting powerful legislative patrons of intelligence agencies who have resisted examinations of how taxpayer dollars are spent. ... "