CIA Fabricated Lockerbie Evidence

The real culprits have escaped justiceLudwig De Braeckeleer (ludwig) Published 2007-07-21 07Long before the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission (SCCRC

CIA Forged Habbush's Letter

Adel SaftySpecial to Gulf NewsSeptember 08, 2008US President George W. Bush skipped the Republican convention last week, and sent a brief video message of su

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CIA's History of Lying to Congress

The Agency has a long history of manipulating Congress and others to support its programs. That this was posed as an actual

Anwar al-Awlaki and ‘CIA Islam’

Ersun Warnke | | Jun-03-2010 Anwar al-Awlaki received some press coverage recently when the U.S. Government declared that they had put out

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House Chairman Says CIA Lied to Lawmakers

Also see: "The Suppressed Fact: 100 Deaths by U.S. Torture" (Q: Did the CIA tell "liar" Nancy Pelosi about the 100 "detainees" they "interrogated" to death? Thi