Death of a “Dirty War” Criminal

" ... Videla cast his net wide, persecuting academics, journalists, students and social workers as well as leftist guerrillas. The opaqueness of the junta’s r

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Argentina Holds Baby Theft Trial

" ... Female political prisoners were kept alive during their pregnancies, only to be summarily killed after giving birth, often dropped alive and naked into th

PERU: Fujimori Apologizes for Death Squads

Also see: "PERU: US Govt. Document Links President García to 1980s Death Squads" CARLA SALAZAR December 21, 2007 LIMA, Peru (AP) — Former president Albert

Operation CONDOR References

Operation Condor
The Mahalo Top 7
Wikipedia: Operation Condor
Washington Post: An Assassination, A Failure to Act, A Painful Parallel (2002)