Evidence Altered

Media aviation "experts" have sought to explain the August 27 crash and laid responsibility for it on "pilot error," disregarding the fact that the pilots had t

Flight 3407 Crash: ICE?

"Ice accumulation," repeated ad nauseum by the media as cause of the Flight 3407 crash, doesn't hold up so well under scrutiny

The Man from General Dynamics

At least one of five passengers on the doomed Comair flight out of Lexington on August 17 were politically-significant. Most of these were from high-security IT

FAA Spokeswoman "Blatantly Lied"

NOTE: Here, from the McClatchy press, we find that the FAA has been caught in a "blatant lie" related to the crash. Will the media ever suspect that the FAA and

Has Comair been Targetted?

The earliest Comair incident listed in this Kentucky Herald-Leader article occurred in 1979. SEVENTEEN YEARS passed before there was another. A couple of mishap