Subject: Tell USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack Not to Approve New 2,4-D-Resistant GMO Crops

"The USDA has already received more than 450,000 comments opposing Dow's new GE corn. But it has a long history of avoiding protests and bad press by issuing unpopular decisions right before the holidays.

Thanks to Michael Taylor, a former Monsanto lobbyist who now heads up the FDA, genetically engineered foods don't have to be safety tested or labeled. Worse yet, the FDA conducts no premarket review or approval, as long as the biotech company concludes that the genetically engineered food is not "materially different" from normal food. That essentially means a rubber stamp for Dow's Agent Orange corn. Soon, we'll be eating unlabeled corn engineered with genes from a soil bacterium that isn't killed by 2,4-D -- something we've never eaten before and that's never been safety tested."