The Synchronicity Foundation is a Sex/Mind Control Cult – SF “Spirituality” is a Ruse

The Synchronicity Foundation is a Sex/Mind Control Cult - SF "Spirituality" is a Ruse

By Alex Constantine

Also see: "Synchronicity Members Are Victims in Mumbai"

Gay sex with minors is at the core of it. May as well be the Catholic Church:

...MC [SF guru Master Charles] does have sex with male disciples, in the form of 'spiritual initiations' ...

"Synchronicity" was a word coined by Carl G. Jung - a proto-Nazi occultist generously funded and publicly promoted by Edith Rockefeller. After the war, Jung was a CIA asset who sat on the notorious Robertson Committee, and claimed that Nazi/British-designed "UFOs" - brought to the American continent by Laurance Rockefeller - were "hallucinations".

Mind controlled disciple:

...If Master Charles says that he sees a Blessed Mother manifestation, I believe him. ... Master Charles would never conjure up a faux apparation, just to hustle for donations, because, philosophically, such an act would utterly violate his principles. ...

Mind control:

... ... Charles has also learned a few yogic tricks which he employs to make sure you do as he wants and if you don't, he uses certain aspects (including the low grade aspects of Chid.and Nity, etc.) he has developed to haunt, frighten or coerce you until you do. ... ...

Mind control: "Master" Charles Cannon is a huckster who "described the latest appearance of the 'Blessed Mother Apparition'-- an incorporeal mater who speaks only with him-- to a crowd of about 60 at his organization's Nelson County compound one recent weekend. Regardless of whether Master Charles is creating a forum to spread authentic spiritual beliefs or just desperately seeking donations, there's one thing for sure: the new-agey guru is getting some attention. ... Synchronicity, Master Charles and the Blessed Mother were the subject of a recent piece on Guruphiliac, a blog dedicated to 'revealing self-aggrandizement and superstition" in the guru/yogi world. In late June, Jody Radzik, who operates the blog, described the alleged apparition sightings as a "bald-faced attempt at flimflamming the spiritually ignorant.' ..."

The media promote the SF, as you'd expect of a mind control front (the media are in the business of mind control, too, and coordinate with intelligence cults effectively):

...... 'Tens and dozens of people are showing up where they didn't before,' Scherr says. 'Now it's becoming a place of pilgrimage.' The Blessed Mother statue has been seen on CBS19 and even made the front page of the Daily Progress lifestyles section. ...

Ego-syntonic (flattering) beliefs go down easily (standard in CIA cult teachings, also derationalization and apoliticization) and create elitism:

...It's just like we've been taught all our lives in the Bible: we are made in God's image.


...... all beings have the capacity to love through their own Divinity ...

More mind control:

...... Recognition of Charles as the Source of Love etc. the reaction, (catharsis), subsides and so one goes on. ...

I'm trying to determine if the CIA is the covert sponsor of the "Foundation." This is my suspicion - food for thought, grounds for further research ...

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Wise 1

Nothing more than Satanic cult at its worst.
How dare you even mention the Blessed Mother -this is no more than a Satanic illusion.
For an authentic Blessed Mother apparation visit I am disgusted by your attack against the Catholic Church. That is no other than Satan trying to draw people away from the truth and into his lies of this real cults like this one. WAKE UP.

Steven Levine
There are many Teachers, They are here for those who need to be mentored at this time in their lives. There are no Masters who speak or teach. It is there energy that moves through those who are ready. To judge any Community or (Cult) is very hard to do.For they live separated from reality, yet they find reality is part of life no matter where one may call home. One must realize that what may be real to a Community is far from real. This reflects the Teacher and the Student as they evolve together. However be wary where… Read more »