US Names Two Venezuelan “Narco-Terrorists”

US Names Two Venezuelan “Narco-Terrorists"

Also see: "GHW Bush, a Mad Scientist & Pinochet's Cocaine," "The Vang Pao Files," "ADNAN KHASHOGGI - RICHARD PERLE'S NARCO-TERRORIST BUSINESS PARTNER," and "DEADLY DIVERSION: On Opium Trafficking, the CIA & the Challenger Disaster," etal.New York TimesSeptember 13, 2008U.S. Calls Venezuelan Officials Rebel SupportersBy SIMON ROMEROCARACAS, Venezuela — The United States stepped up the diplomatic skirmish with its left-wing adversaries in Latin America on Friday, saying it would expel the Venezuelan ambassador and declaring that Venezuela’s top two intelligence officials had supported the “narco-terrorist activities” of rebels in the region. ...

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