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Trailer: “I Want Your Money” (Ultra-Conservative Obama-Bashing Documentary in Theaters Friday)

posted by otownrog on October, 12 2010

The funny bit in this “I Want Your Money” trailer is the cartoon of Ronald Reagan talking about “the real world.”

Ray Griggs directed it. No telling who financed. Maybe the same folks financing a lot of the campaign commercials on TV? Freestyle Releasing is behind it, I hear. Five hundred screen release, and they’re not letting non-believers have a crack at fact or reality checking it.  Michael Moore and Robert Greenberg do that.

Anyway, this little agitprop in a far right vein hits theaters all over the country Friday. I haven’t heard a peep from those who made it, those distributing it. Maybe it’s advertising on TV channels and radio stations I don’t listen to.


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  1. Thomas Retterbush February 18, 2011

    This video is absolutely fantastic! Unfortunately. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry.

  2. Lyle Courtsal October 5, 2011

    Cry, because besides starting a slow mass kill program with the budget cuts and deepening a salvageable recessonal situation into a full blown depression as a consequence of their policies, the republicnas have also started two illegal wars with their lying and false blaming.
    That’s why I say;’Blame George Bush for everything” because it is the truth. Thanks for the info. on Romero’s killers and the florida republican/nazi connections; aso for the aussie treatise on nazi occultism. Weird how it is that the policies and doctrines of both parties can be found in this thesis.

  3. Lyle Courtsal October 5, 2011

    Actually tow more illegal wars after the first ones. Now the economic shell game begins; how to hide the fact that those two wars are actually what is killing off what is left of our local/regional economies. How to cut budget and restore democracy? cut homeland security budget. No one wanted it anyways. DOD budget cut 53% after korean war, 34% after vietnam war; none now I guess with all the security pimps chasing theirs for all the wrong nazi reasons. Richard Mellon Scaife wants to pay addicts to sterilize themselves; why doesn’t he go do it to himself instead. We need a lot less people like him messing up our democracy. My mother hated him.


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