Washington’s Strategy of ‘Chaos and Intervention’ in Mexico: La Jornada, Mexico

Washington’s Strategy of ‘Chaos and Intervention’ in Mexico: La Jornada, Mexico


... Are the U.S. intelligence services promoting and benefiting from the sale of weapons and illegal drugs? According to John Saxe-Fernández of Mexico’s La Jornada newspaper, if one wants to find the root cause of the chaos now playing out in that country, one needs to examine the weapons-business-drugs triad that has been nurtured for decades by the United States.

By John Saxe-Fernández
Translated By Liz Essary
March 26, 2009

[Editor's Note: This is a reference to Colombia's attack, using U.S. equipment and command and control on Ecuadorian territory.]

The management of the U.S. security apparatus over the dynamic of weapons, business and drugs is central to the promotion of chaos and instability in these countries, and is the basis and excuse for military intervention and occupation.

There is really spectacular and very disturbing information provided by official Mexican government agencies about the inexhaustible supply of high caliber, high-technology weapons being sent to Mexico under the noses (if not with the approval) of United States customs: "at least" 29,000 advanced military weapons, including 37 and 40mm MGL grenade launchers; 50mm Barrett rifles; submachine guns and Belgian pistols imported by the U.S. and shipped to Mexico; weapons designed to penetrate armored vehicles, M72 and AT4 anti-tank rockets; and fragmentation grenades like those used against the population of Morelia on September 15, 2008 - an operation used to launch the "Mérida Initiative."

Such armaments, by virtue of their volume (impossible to escape detection by customs), their high caliber, along with the likely deployment of mercenaries and/or undercover special forces, are central ingredients of the model of " military expansion" pursued by the Department of Defense in Mexico, mounted amidst the bloodbath that the militarization of the drug war has become, and which launched six-years of orphaned legitimacy after the contested 2006 presidential election.

The scene is deplorable: Mexicans wiping out Mexicans while the United States, its security apparatus and its banking system extract juice from the interplay of out-of-control drug trafficking and consumption up there, and the sale of weapons here. Dollars in the North, and bullets and piles of cadavers in the South. All of which presents serious risks to Mexico's sovereignty, territorial integrity and vast natural resources.

It's a dynamic in which U.S. spy agencies and Department of Defense, now under former CIA Director Robert Gates, play a fundamental role: The inter-relationship with - and protection of - the global business of drug trafficking and trafficking in weapons was well-illustrated by the Iran-Contra Scandal: a secret CIA operation to finance Reagan's war against the Sandinista revolution using money from illegal arms trafficking to Iran.


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