What Would You Die For?: Oscar Romero Music Video

What Would You Die For?: Oscar Romero Music Video

THE PROJECT: Martyrs Prayers is an extraordinary endeavor born out of love - love for the Church, love for music and, perhaps most importantly, love for friends. As a musical and spiritual milestone, the album represents an event that has drawn together luminaries of the music world in order to honor those who, through the centuries, gave their very lives for their faith, their freedoms, their communities and their friends.

More than a single event, however, the album represents a diverse community of artists bound together by the very faith articulated on the album tracks and by their friendship and love for one another. The artists' diversity is wide -- Roman Catholics and Evangelicals, Methodists and Anglicans, those of varied political persuasions -- all bound together by their friendship and their common desire to honor the martyrs.

The album, however, is more than fantastic music. It is packaged with a wealth of information in liner notes, biographies and resource materials. It is a call to know the past and transform the present; to find purpose in life from the question asked of us all:



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