David Irving Plans Comeback Tour

www.guardian.co.Matthew TaylorSaturday September 29, 2007The Guardian Ten months ago he was languishing in an Austrian jail, less than halfway through a three-y

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WikiLeaks Employs Holocaust Denier

" ... [Israel Shamir] says the Teheran Holocaust Conference of 2006 'proved that the Holocaust dogma is a basic tenet in the great world-embracing brainwashing

Eugene, Oregon's Pacifica Forum/Nazi Bund

University to Address Pacifica ControversyStudents plan demonstration to coincide with Forum meeting at 3 p.m. today in the EMUCJ CiaramellaJanuary 8, 2010 |

Willis Carto: The First Major Biography

"Without a means of confronting the onrushing third world, white civilization is doomed. It can do nothing else but deteriorate to a third world level with all

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