The Nazi Ratline to Spain

" ... When the Nazis ran, many of them ran to Spain. They called it Das Trampolin because from here they were sprung across to South American friendlies. Yet ma

Weidenbach’s Sidekick Andres Soriano

Andres SorianoAndres Soriano y Roxas was one of the most prominent businessmen, capitalists, entrepreneurs philanthropists and historical figures in 20th centur

The Nazi Who Became a Mossad Hitman

March 27, 2016
On September 11, 1962, a German scientist vanished. The basic facts were simple: Heinz Krug had been at his office, and he never came home.

Meeting Spain's Last Anarchist

"... I told Himmler (the head of the Nazi SS) when he visited the Mauthausen quarry on 27 April, 1941, what a great couple the (Nazis) made with the Church. He