Duncan & Blake “Suicides” Solved

About this report: I'm aware that there is a wealth, even a surfeit, of detail here, for which I offer only a mild apology - this approach

Summary of The Franklin Cover-Up

Also see: "Duncan/Blake 'Suicides' Solved" On November 4, 1988 the Omaha Franklin Credit-Union Bank was raided and closed the IRS and the FBI. The raid and c

Who Killed Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake?

Bottom line, simple answer: Warren Buffett's CIA/GOP operatives murdered Duncan and Blake. Disgraced former Omaha police chief/accused Mormon pedophile Robert W

Where's Wadman?

Hey Alex, Where can I find the entire story about Professor Wadman? Thanks. Victoria.Franklin Cover-up, . For the life of Wadman after Omaha, part