White Supremacist Leads Augusta, GA GOP

Augusta GA GOP Chairman Dave Barbee with nappy-headed members of the local school board
GOP official weathering racial complaints about e-mail

America's Neo-Fascism

" ... Fascism was triumphantly anti-liberal. ... " - tpmcafe.talkingpointsmemo.com - August 19, 2009I had an epiphany this afternoon. I was watchin

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Neo-Nazis Fit to be Tied

A couple of of days ago, I posted a hilarious article written a Jewish reporter in San Francisco who infiltrated a white supremacist hate group: http://alex

Harmon Leon/Neo-Nazi Update

AC Note: The blogospere controversy over Harmon Leon began here last week with my repost of Leon's "How to Infiltrate a White Supreacsist Hate Group." This was

On Smedley Butler and the FDR Coup Plot

" ... Among those conspiring to overthrow the current president were Du Pont (financiers), JP Morgan factions, William S. Knutson (president of General Motors),